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  • The Accelerator

    Repeatable Traction, Market Penetration, Right Connections.


    Work with the best to turn challenges around

    All our mentors, advisors and coaches are experienced entrepreneurs. Marketing, hiring, sales, tech, expansion - whichever is your challenge, we'll find a good match with the pro who's been in your shoes!


    Working together, you'll unlock the final level of unlimited growth.


    Take the leap into a bigger market

    You've achieved validation in your local market - good on you! Now's the time to test the waters and do the same outside of your comfort zone.


    We'll help to connect the dots with you to successfully enter relevant international markets - an unfair advantage your competition can only dream of!


    Get matched with the right people

    Depending on your journey and immediate needs, we'll connect you with the right partners.


    Whether you’re looking to get massive pilots from corporates or early access to investors that could hint you what it takes to raise sizeable capital when you’re ready: we’ve got you covered!

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