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    #BNE4 stormed the TechCrunch Disrupt


    How the first month of an accelerator program is just like having your first baby


    July 19, 2018 - by Yasmin Grigaliunas, World's Biggest Garage Sale

    You may have read recently about the RCL Accelerator BNE4 program, where our World’s Biggest Garage Sale startup/scale-up was announced as one of the teams in the BNE4 cohort. We’re now 1 month in and I find myself likening the experience to be exactly like the first month of being a new mother...


    RCL Accelerator — the rocket fuel we needed to launch


    March 26, 2018 - By Nyree McKenzie

    Jumping off the cliff There were many around me who wondered what on earth possessed me to step out of a successful 15-year business and risk everything for an unknown destination. I had built a bid management and strategic communication consulting firm with a 90% success rate in securing...


    Kapiche: How we 3x our customers in 4 months of the RCL Accelerator


    February 28, 2018 - By Ryan Stuart

    For those not already aware, Kapiche is proud participants in the current (and 3rd) cohort of the RCL Accelerator (powered by muru-D). We joined the program with a team, a product, and paying customers. But we knew we were lacking a lot of knowledge and experience around ...


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    Repeatable Traction, Market Penetration, Right Connections.


    Work with the best to turn challenges around

    All our mentors, advisors and coaches are experienced entrepreneurs. Marketing, hiring, sales, tech, expansion - whichever is your challenge, we'll find a good match with the pro who's been in your shoes!


    Working together, you'll unlock the final level of unlimited growth.


    Take the leap into a bigger market

    You've achieved validation in your local market - good on you! Now's the time to test the waters and do the same outside of your comfort zone.


    We'll help to connect the dots with you to successfully enter relevant international markets - an unfair advantage your competition can only dream of!


    Get matched with the right people

    Depending on your journey and immediate needs, we'll connect you with the right partners.


    Whether you’re looking to get massive pilots from corporates or early access to investors that could hint you what it takes to raise sizeable capital when you’re ready: we’ve got you covered!

  • Seeing is Believing

    Like-minded founders have taken this journey before, listen up!

  • Aaron: Accountability as a Service

    "Program does much more than education.

    Accelerator is all about accountability."

    Wendy: Challenging

    "I mean, you are pushed to the limits."

    Ryan: Product-Market-Fit

    "My honest opinion is you get the most out of a program like this

    if you have a product."

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