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Full steam ahead into Christmas for BNE3

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Since touching back down from our SF trip many teams appreciate the mantra of “going global” from day one. Our cohort companies were energised and since the program began we have already seen a huge change in the maturity, knowledge and business understanding from all.

All teams are fully settled into life and the community at River City Labs, growing out their teams, adding desks and surrounding themselves with whiteboards with BIG plans for the future.

We’ve had networking events with the investors in our fund, many experts in from our network along with weekly deep dives with both our Entrepreneurs in residence Llew Jury & Mike Knapp.

There have been some steep learning curves for some so far and the best performing companies are those that are open to advice and venturing to the unknown in the quest to propel their businesses.

“We’re only 9 weeks in and I’m already very much invested in the outcomes of all the teams and want to them all to succeed as well as keep growing” — EIR Llew Jury

The companies are full steam ahead with some great targets set for the coming weeks new year. But how do they not lose momentum over the Christmas break, navigating Christmas when traction, growth and sales are on your list for Santa?

It can be extremely difficult to get things done and maintain a high level of productivity when people, especially those decision makers, are out of the office. For the RCL Accelerator teams they’ll need to use the quieter times to refine their game plans, test messaging and just keep going with plenty of stamina as they ramp up in early January!

“Take some time off (ie Christmas Day and a weekend) to clear the head, but also use the downtime to re-calibrate the key areas of your strategy, business operations or cash flow” — EIR, Llew Jury

Companies need to think differently over this period, and this will give them a chance to stand out. There is potential you can close deals while your competitors are taking it easy!

Work harder when others are resting, delight customers with unexpected custom value, and use the time to take a step back, reflect (but not for too long!) and visualize where you’re heading.

Often weeks feel like months and plans or projections don’t materialize exactly as envisioned with everything taking longer than you initially thought. Time will always fly so our companies need to use it to get what they desire most for the remaining duration of the program.

From us here balancing work and play over the holidays we wish everyone a Merry Christmas .. We look forward updating you in early 2018 with more progress from our BNE3 Companies!

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