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The RCL Accelerator is looking for Mentors!

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Here at the RCL Accelerator, we believe in providing every advantage imaginable to elevate our Founders journey’s to success.

A core ingredient of this is access to the best network of entrepreneurial minds possible to help Founders achieve their goals fast. To assist us with this, we are looking for top-notch startup gurus with the serious business and industry experience to make it all happen.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor with proven success and knowledge in the industries of startups, entrepreneurship and/or investment. Their job is to foster the growth and development of the individual founder and their business.

A mentor is expected to share their learnings and guidance (and sometimes network if appropriate) willingly and openly without the expectation of any remuneration, compensation or return.

What does a mentor/mentee relationship look like at RCL Accelerator?

Whatever you want it to look like! It is between the mentor and the mentee to decide between themselves how often communication is made. Some examples of proven relationship frameworks include:

  • Weekly deep dive conversations (in person, via Skype or over the phone)
  • Monthly informal advisory meetings in-person.
  • Ad-hoc emails/conversations at will when the Mentee requests it (we encourage responses within 48 hours).
  • Attend events with the Mentee and showcase networking and contact list building.

We do ask that our mentors be available and emotionally invested for the entire duration of the program (6 months) so as to support their mentee throughout the entirety of their journey in the program.

After the program the decision of whether to continue mentoring that founder and their business will be at your discretion.

As a mentor, you will also be invited to all events held by the program. We request that you attempt to attend at least 3 to 4 events over the 6 month period (this includes mentor/mentee pairing night, demo day etc).

Hints and tips for successful mentoring:

  • Establish clear expectations and communication guidelines (can they call you ad-hoc or do you prefer a weekly meeting time?)
  • Maintain regular communication throughout the entirety of the program (do not become unresponsive!)
  • Keep all conversations and information-sharing confidential
  • Offer guidance, not instruction — and be sure to know the difference
  • Speak from your own experience only
  • Become a great listener
  • Don’t offer advice on something you don’t know about (you’re not expected to know everything)
  • Be direct and honest (no matter how hard that may be)
  • Offer connections/introductions to your own network (only if you’re comfortable)
  • Refrain from taking control

If the above sounds like you and you are interested in supporting the success and growth of our future Cohorts (and the future of the tech startup industry) please email or get in touch via our social media channels

About River City Labs and RCL Accelerator

Since 2012 over 480 entrepreneurs have called RCL home. Through our events program we have welcomed more than 16,000 guests into our community by hosting over 600 events aimed at supporting founders on their entrepreneurship journey.

River City Labs fosters the growth of startup companies solving big problems. We provide resources to empower, support and connect entrepreneurs. Central to everything we do is a focus on collaboration and connection.

Just one of these resources is the River City Labs Accelerator program. The RCL Accelerator invests in and assists high growth technology startups through a six-month intensive acceleration program based in the heart of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. We invest in up to 12 companies, each program, and offer a combination of seed capital, world-class training, a purpose built workspace and access to our extensive global network of mentors, experts, partners and investors.

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