• Meet Our Mentors

    We've assembled a super team of support partners to help our startups on the journey

  • Mark

    "RCL Accelerator's cohort looks promising - leadership businesses just waiting to reach their potential"

    "Mentoring at RCL is a great way to give back to the community, and the connections made always lead to interesting collaborations!"


    “RCL accelerator identifies the best and brightest ideas and those with the greatest potential for rapid growth. Mentoring for the accelerator not only allows me to share my knowledge with the Queensland's best and brightest startups but continually expands my mind and thinking as well. The commitment and ongoing interaction with your paired businesses really give you some skin in the game: it's a delight to see the journey and end result at the end of the 6-month program.”


    “Keen to pay my global experience forward to help the next generation of Queensland Entrepreneurs realize their full potential”


    “I was really lucky to have some great people help me along the way with my businesses - this is my way of repaying that favor and also working with the next generation of businesses. It’s inspiring to be a part of.”


    "RCL Accelerator is a vibrant community, and a hotbed of innovation and new ideas. RCLA is at the center of taking ideas and energy and turning them into action and results. I enjoy working with the RCL Accelerator startups where I can not only share experiences, concepts and tools to accelerate their success, I inevitably learn many things by being part of a passionate and innovative community."


    “Execution is Everything… many people have great ideas but few can get their ideas to market. I find it incredibly rewarding to see others succeed and the RCL Accelerator provides a supportive platform to give startups the beginnings of what they need to be successful. I’m a mentor for the RCL Accelerator because I believe that they are committed to execution and unlike many other accelerators offer considerable seed funding for very little equity and bring invaluable resources to each cohort team. The startup journey is hard and you are always learning, by sharing my own successes and failures I hope to make the road for others a smoother path”.


    “Knowing how difficult it is to make something from nothing, I’m always eager to give back to the up-and-coming generation of Australian entrepreneurs solving big and ambitious problems.”


    “The world has never changed faster and will never change slower.

    To not only survive but thrive in tomorrow’s economy, we need innovative and adaptable people who want to make an impact and RCL Accelerator is the perfect place for driven entrepreneurs to make it happen!

    I’m very excited to be part of the journey and help the startup scene scale up!”


    “Joining the RCL Accelerators' mentoring program allows me the pathway to impart knowledge, innovative focus and passion to like-minded aspirants.”


    “Being a mentor for the RCL Accelerator is a great opportunity to help shape the future of some of Australia’s best scale-up companies. It is a pleasure to work with passionate founders, who are keen to create, are committed to global outcomes and are eager to learn. Further, working with this group not only helps them but challenges me and allows me to continue my own learning.”

  • All our mentors are entrepreneurs themselves!

    Peter Laurie

    Peter is the Director of Junta coming with 30 years experience in the IT and Enterprise sector.


    Cara Cipollone Walsh

    All things digital, ad tech & cx. Experienced in building teams and products from the ground up. Non-executive director.



    Tony Wheeler

    Tony specializes in corporate transformation in complex environments and has 25 years of experience as an advisor, mentor, consultant, and tech entrepreneur.





    Brett Hales

    Brett is an entrepreneur, investor, and product designer and has extensive knowledge in bringing early-stage technologies from concept to commercial launch.

    Mark White

    Mark is the founder and former CEO of Locatrix with extensive experience across multinational, expansion stages and startup environment

    Don McKenzie

    Don is the managing director of Adizes Institute Australia and has an extensive experience in starting and investing in professional services, construction, and technology.

    Wayne Farrell

    Wayne is the co-founder of WorkPac Group and is an entrepreneur turned investor running his recruiting firm from the past 20 years and providing mentorship and connections to Australian startups.



    Carl Hartmann

    Carl is a multi-award winning Australian entrepreneur. Co-Founder and former CEO of Temando, Co-Founder of Shortlister and a professor at UQ strategic advisor and commercial expert.

    Sheona Devin

    Sheona is the founder of Viant Co with international experience in technology.


    Faith Rees

    Faith is the CEO and Co-Founder at SixPivot and Cloud Ctrl serving on advisory boards with an extensive experience with innovation and software development.

    Petra Zink

    Petra is the director/Head Coach at ImpaCCCt and has 10 years experience in Brand and Product Marketing with 4 years in Digital Recruitment



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